In collaboration with Chaiseri, we design and develop several of track products suitable for many types of track vehicle. We provide heavy equipment spare parts with highest international standards, based on the latest technology and accumulated superior techniques. The track systems have already been used in many countries throughout the world.

In Malaysia, we have successfully integrated the track system with ADNAN, MIFV, Scorpion and PT-91M Pendekar.


We provide a comprehensive line of run-flat system for military application. With current advanced technology, the run-flat system that we developed can allow the vehicle to run 150 KM even though in flat-tyre circumstances. Our run-flat system is designed to accommodate for heavy duty purposes and has been recognized for its quality in using FINABEL A.20A international standards


Because our company is supported by international brand names of heavy equipment, our products are guaranteed by a committed dealer network, our clients know that our service and products can be relied on. Our Sales force go through regular extensive training to ensure we propose the most appropriate package to meet your needs. So rather than just an integrated package of products and services, we can help you find the solution best suited to your business. Final result is that you deal with an experienced consultancy leaving you with complete peace of mind.

Some of the vehicle that we have supported are SIBMAS, MIFV, CONDOR and AV8.


Laser Warning and Grenade Discharger System (LWGDS) is a system whereby used as a protection measure for tracking laser threat. LWGDS contain progressive laser sensors features whereby the system could detect many types of laser and rapidly respond with automatic grenade discharge. With advanced treating module, the system can detect several types of loaded grenade and establish external data connection.

Respond Wavelength : 400nm to 1700nm
Max Grenade : 16
Supported Grenade : Smoke & Frag
Angle Accuracy : 7.5’
Max Detection Range : 10km
Laser type : LRF & LTDi


Painting job actually an intricate procedure that requires precision, expertise, and professional training. From extensive, complete body paint jobs to camouflage painting services, our technicians understand exactly how to assess and execute our customer’s paint job with accuracy.

If there are any blemishes left after painting, our painters lightly sand and polish any affected areas to a perfect shine. Whether it’s a tiny scrape or a large gash, we have the tools and expertise to make sure your paint is a seamless match.

One of our main job in painting is camouflage painting services. We will make sure that our camouflage is parallel with Malaysian Army color code. We accept various range of vehicle configuration and classes which concludes from armored vehicle to soft skin vehicle. Our experience with camouflage painting will ensure that the painting job will be finished according to the given schedule and timeline

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