With the experience that we have and rapid progress in automotive technology, more electronic features are embedded in automotive system. Therefore, an electronic laboratory is constructed to accommodate electronic repair and services.

The next step is to utilize sophisticated laboratory equipment to perform Research and Development (R&D), to produce in-house products.


With the expertise we have in MRO, our company has completed many MRO projects involving vehicles such as M113 ADNAN, MIFV, Land Rover, Amdac, Handalan, Inokom Permas, G-Wagon and Scorpion.

Above that, we also provide continuously maintenance services for more than 10 year to ensure optimal performance and good relationship with customers.


Research and Development (R&D) has always been our interest in maximizing our services to the customers. Through R&D, we are committed in conducting several product development so that we can fulfil national industry policy and at the same we also can increase our ability in providing the best solution for customer’s needs.

As part of MRO service, we carry out months of dedicated studies for mechanical and electronic equipment in accordance with customer requirements. These tests utilize the very latest computer system and stringent, customize parameter settings and records.


At KSSB, it is our pleasure to handle a variety of special projects that help customers in a variety of ways.
We facilitate the repair process throughout the country to manage and handle the vehicle repairs professionally and quickly. Most companies do not handle this specialty, yet KSSB is experienced in taking care of these situations. We have experience arriving at the scene and replacing vehicle parts and conducting repairs within the rail car itself. KSSB can assist in facilitating a movement when a high-profile vehicle or prototype must be transported from one location to another in a timely manner.

Some of the upgrade program that we handled are Handalan and Scorpion. In these projects, we are entrusted by Malaysian Army to conduct full upgrading program and refurbished the whole vehicle to look and perform as great as new.

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